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Hi friend, feel free to call me Surya 🔆

I'm a Value-driven Engineer and Tech Lead

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“Sophisticated systems and/or technologies are meaningless if they do not bring any real value to the users. To build a valuable system, we need to, at least, understand what problem to be solved, the domain of the problem itself, and how it brings value to the users.

— Soen, Surya Soenaryo

Proud to be a part of their journey


About Me

Surya is an Engineer with 5 years of professional experience in various industries, from Financial Service, Customer Relationship Management, Logistics, Cryptocurrency, and Healthcare.

His experience as an individual contributor and leadership leads him to believe in 1st principle of "how do I bring value for the team, for the company".

Taking ownership of what he works on is the 1st step that leads his curiosity to go deeper; to understand what is needed to bring in value. Moreover, communication and collaboration with others are things that he always keeps in mind, whatever the role he has within the team.

Hapily is an US-based CRM company that focuses in building SaaS on top of HubSpot ecosystem.

Surya collaborated together with the team as Software Engineer in various products.

Software Engineer


System Architecture, Code Best Practice, AWS, NodeJS, MySQL, Serverless Architecture


  • Designed Serverless architecture for building new applications and refactoring existing applications that he led

  • Built several SaaS  HubSpot applications by using Serverless framework

  • Built robust Serverless system to populate data, detect data, and manage millions of data daily for multiple users.

  • Refactor several legacy applications to use Serverless framework, linters, and adopt Hexagonal architecture.

2023 - current

2018 - 2023

Xendit is an Southeast Asia-based Payment Gateway company that focuses in SEA markets. Their main business is one of important digital infrastructure in technology industry: simplify business on making e-commerce transactions in region where Cards is not the popular payment method unlike US and Europe.
Surya started his 2nd professional role as Backend Engineer here and grow as Tech Lead for commercial fraud prevention service called, "xenShield"

Senior Technical Lead - Credit Card


Technical Leadership, Team Operation Model, Multi-region Cloud Architecture, System Architecture, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Mentorship


  • Co-lead a team of up to 15 people that consists of product managers, architect, software engineers, QA engineers, and product specialists to maintain and revamp Credit/Debit Card product

  • Act as data champion to maintain data model and business visualization for Credit/Debit Card on top of Looker platform and Databricks

  • Collaborate together with product managers to revamp the legacy operation models of the team to streamline the collaboration among team members, re-structure development process on the engineering site, re-structure operational process on the product operation site, and revamp the way product development is being formalized & executed to bring real value to users

Senior Technical Lead - xenShield


Technical Leadership, Mentorship, Backend Development, Frontend Development, System Architecture, Data Analysis, Docker, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Python, NodeJS, Javascript, Typescript, Go, MongoDB, Postgres, AWS EKS, AWS S3


  • Co-led a team of up to 8 people that consists of product manager, architect, backend engineers, full-stack engineers, QA engineers to build several products, such as internal-facing risk engines, customer-facing risk engines, unified BIN database, device fingerprint tracker & management, and chargeback management

  • Collaborated together with product manager, sales, account manager, and any other stakeholders to define business problem based on customer interaction, formalize business solution, and upsell them to customers

  • Collaborated together with designer, full-stack engineers, and Product Manager on defining the user journey on how they use the product in UI, and collaborating on designing the UI itself

  • Created various queries and dashboards that related to fraud risk incident, business metrics measurement, and data exploration for team or other related teams

  • Got his hand dirty while the team was small and under-resource by designing and building several backend services based in Go, Python, and NodeJS

Interim Product Manager - Fraud Risk


Product Management, Technical Leadership


  • Took the responsibility of conducting BAU while looking for full-time Product Manager for Fraud Risk team and soon to be called as, "xenShield"

  • Worked together with other leadership on assessing and making business decision upon filtering 3rd party vendors to enhance the overall assessment system

  • Collaborated with Account Manager, Sales, and other PM to upsell. fraud risk products to customer

Software Engineer - System Reliability


Backend Development, System Architecture, E2E testing, Golang


  • Proposed and designed architecture to conduct automated contract testing inter-microservices

  • Assisted engineers on defining the internal Go template and system monitoring tracker library

Software Engineer - Credit Card


Backend Development, System Architecture, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, NodeJS, Javascript, Python, SQL


  • Built several add-on endpoints to enable customers utilizing their card transactions via REST APIs

  • Built the foundation of Fraud Detection System. to prevent fraudulent transaction from being passed from pre-auth step and maintain overall % chargeback rate. Powered by heuristic-drive rule engine and data-driven Machine Learning models.

  • Collaborated together with Data Scientist to analyze, deploy, and maintain Machine Learning models in production.

  • Created several dashboard and data exploration around card transaction information on top of Redash platform

Definitive Healthcare

Definitive Healthcare is US-based healthcare company that focuses on transforming data, analytics and expertise into healthcare commercial intelligence.


Full-stack Development, System Architecture, Docker, Typescript, NextJS, GraphQL, OAuth2.0, AWS, HubSpot


  • Designed and built application to manually and automatically sync data from Definitive Healthcare system to HubSpot system

Jetpack Shipping

Jetpack Shipping is US-based ecommerce company that focuses on private label fulfillment provider.


Full-stack Development, System Architecture, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Typescript, React,, Docusign API


  • Greenfield project to build an internal dashboard to manage BoM (Bill of Materials) procedure from proposal creation to dynamic layers of approval by nested approvers with Docusign

  • Gathered the business requirement and define the timeline projection for project scope and deliverability

  • Designed the system architecture of overall system based on technical limitations and requirements from clients (frontend, backend, cloud infrastructure)

  • Co-developed the front-end UI by using React

  • Developed the back-end system by using Typescript NodeJS, Docker, and NGINX

  • Simplify the overall CI/CD of project on top of GCP

Birdy Grey

Birdy Grey is US-based ecommerce company that focuses on selling affordable bridesmaid dresses.


Backend Development, System Architecture, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Typescript,, Chinese-based Logictics REST APIs


  • Designed and built cronjob to automatically refresh shipment information in the fulfil ecosystem by automatically checking information from fulfil 3PL

  • Designed and built webhook endpoints to introduce new custom shipment method in fulfil ecosystem: Chinese-based courier by leveraging's Carrier Integration APIs

TacVue Inc.

TacVue Inc. is a US-based Blockchain startup that focuses on building value on top of available network. Their main business is to be social economy for NFT creator by providing NFT marketplace and NFT creation


Backend Development, System Architecture, NFT, Cryptocurrency, Avalanche Network, IPFS, AWS, Docker, Serverless, Python, NodeJS, Typescript, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, Pinata, Moralis


  • Proposed system design and develop real-time NFT assembler that could dynamically assembler traits up to 10k images for each request, store in IPFS, and mint it in Avalanche Network

  • Built web data scrapping to collect crypto-related information around Avalanche Network and utilize the information for insight

Syngenta // Cloud Factory

Syngenta is US-based Agrichemical company that has several business lines, one of them is related to Data Automation and AI, called Cloud Factory. Their main business is to provide AI-based solution related to Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Data Processing.


​Backend Development, Microservices, AWS, Docker, Gitlab, Golang, Docker


  • Built baseline system to integrate and automate customer onboarding process between AWS Console, JIRA, and internal databases.

A8 Labs

A8 Labs is a US-based Customer Relationship Management startup and helped customer to improve the simplification on utilizing Hubspot ecosystem. Their main business is to provide automation on top of Hubspot ecosystem


Backend Development, System Architecture, AWS, Serverless, Hubspot CRM APIs, Hubspot Workflow, MySQL, Python, NodeJS, Typescript, SQS, Elasticache, API Gateway


  • Implement additional customization feature on top of one of their flagship features to give more customization on duplicating newly created contacts / leads / sales

  • Assisted the refactor and migration plan from Chalice-based Python codebase into Lambda-based NodeJS codebase

  • Proposed and implement the utilization of Redis to distribute the workload of read query from database with take into account the chance of data change

  • Built several new custom actions as the middleware and UI between Hubspot Workflow and internal system

Power to the Brand

Power to the Brand is a Singapore-based logistic startup. Their main business is enabling direct-to-consumer brands easily distribute across Southeast Asia. 


Backend Development, AWS, Serverless, Supabase, Airtable, Heroku, Shopify, NodeJS


  • Built consumer to consume inbound sales from Shopify to Airtable and internal databases

  • Restructured data integration method between Airtable and internal databases to maintain the even status between 2 data storages



Tunaiku is a subsidiary of Amar Bank, a part of Tolaram Group. Their main business is peer-to-peer lending and digital banking for Indonesian Market.


Surya started his 1st professional role as Backend Engineer here.


Backend Development, REST APIs, Microservices, Unit Test, Go, NodeJS, Javascript, New Relics, Postgres

Backend Engineer

  • Created the core system for B2B affiliate-based inbound sales backend system based in Go

  • Maintained microservice-based backend systems in Go and NodeJS

  • Proposed and built the architect on utilizing Redis for some data flow that has high throughput read requests for better UX and reduce workload on database cluster

  • Created internal monitoring system by utilizing New Relic Insight

  • Contributed to proposing some ideas and improvements in new and existing features, such as promotion feature in B2B affiliate system

  • Contributed and provided the example of implementing unit test in backend development

“You do not learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

— Richard Branson

Skillset Highlight

Surya is a firm believer that we don't stop learning after we finish formal education yet it is the starting point of the improvement cycle by practicing what we know, letting the World validate and give feedback, and we evaluate that feedback & take action to make improvements.

Coding Station


Daily usage of English for professional work and an enthusiast foreign languages, such as Japanese (N3), Simplified Chinese (HSK 4), Germany, and more


Experience on leading a team that consists of smart people with unique traits and personalities.

Experience as technical contributor, product manager, and data analyst helped me prepared to lead and assist team with various circumstances


Team: from just 2 people to be up to 10 remote people with 2 sub-teams, from various countries

Methodology: Scrum, Domain Driven Development

Tools: JIRA, Confluence, Trello, Clickup, Miro, Google Drive Suite,, Mermaid, Stoplight


Experience to contribute for various companies in different maturity stage, industries, and technical requirements.


Language: Golang, Python, Typescript (NodeJS), Javascript (NodeJS), SQL, Docker, Make

Database: MySQL, Postgres, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Pinata, Moralis

Framework: Express (NodeJS), Flask (Python), echo (Go), Serverless Framework, AWS Chalice, React

AWS: EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, S3, SQS, SNS

GCP: Compute

Others: Postman, OpenAPISpec

Day 2 Kaggle-1 (35)_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 11.01.20.png


Driven by curiosity and magnification to human brain, Surya kicked start his journey with Neural Network and common Machine Learning knowledge that he learned from Coursera, Udacity, Kaggle, and Full Stack Deep Learning


Especially on tabular dataset, mostly around finance and identity dataset from various level of dataset, including Exploration Data Analysis, Data Cleaning and. Enrichment, Feature Engineering, and doing various analysis in SQL, Databricks (Pandas, Numpy), or Google Sheets


For personal investment and wealth management. Starting from managing and restructuring personal finance to building thinking process on making Fat-Pitch Investment strategy in Indonesian Stock Market. Stock market is the best place for us to learn various business models in multiple industries and public companies.




Sophia University

Autumn 2017 Intake

MS, Green Science and Engineering

Accepted but dropped due to personal financial issue

Give Back to Community

The World can't be better by a single person or several people like in the movie but by contribution, collaboration, and improvement from a lot of people to build healthier and better ecosystems.



Contributed to the local community by teaching in local primary schools in Izumi-City, Japan as English teacher and introduce Indonesian culture


Giving back the kindness of what Surya received in Japan by doing same thing in his home university by assisting foreign students to adapt and to learn Indonesian language


Contributed to Coursera as Indonesian translator, beta tester and community mentor for some online courses by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technolgy, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Collaborated with Gojek's internal employees and likeminded people that met on-site to be a volunteer managing study group that happened every Saturday for a couple weeks in Gojek HQ, South Jakarta in 2018


Invitation to be a speaker in Facebook Developer Circle: Bandung - sharing my excited on simplifying Neural Network Model Development by using Pytorch


Volunteered to bring experience that I got from Kaggle Days Dubai to be a community leader in Jakarta by bringing in several Kaggle Grand Masters from outside Indonesia and experts in local community to share their knowledge for like-minded people and enthusiasts



is an idiom from Japanese tea ceremony which emphasizes the preciousness of our chance to engage with someone.

I would love to talk with you. Feel free to drop me a message via form or email below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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